Recent Changes at Executive Dysfunctions (And How to Stay Updated on Future Ones)

If you regularly follow this blog, you may have noticed that the blog posts as of late have shifted to a shorter format, offering quick tips on ADD management rather than the in-depth topics about implementing the System.  That’s because I’ve been busy focusing my  energies on bringing the Executive Dysfunctions System together into a cohesive, digestible format that you can use both on your own and with my assistance.

Some of you caught a glimpse of this when I announced the launch of a Services page a few weeks ago.  However, I ran into a big communication snag at that time: I was unable to notify people of the change without making a post about it.  Many of you are subscribed through WordPress, which has a great automated system for sending out blog updates, but doesn’t allow me to notify you of other changes to the site, new offerings, services, and other info you might want to know.  I’m not comfortable throwing that sort of news about haphazardly on my blog, because it’s intended as a publicly accessible, user-friendly platform for ADD management advice, period.  If I start making offers in that space, I may be interrupting your reading time by giving you something you weren’t looking for.

With this in mind, I’ve created an option so that those of you who do want such updates can get them, and those who don’t won’t have to sift through them: a customized email list through MailChimp.  This way, I can only give you information you’ve given me explicit permission to send you.  The signup form gives you three options for what kind of information you want to receive:

  1. New blog posts
  2. New/updated services or offerings
  3. Special offers (trial periods, discounts, etc.)

You can choose any or all of the above, change your options as needed, and opt out if you decide you no longer want the info.

Now, an important note: In the interest of keeping things streamlined and simple, I am discontinuing the option to follow through WordPress.  If you’re already signed up this way, you will continue to receive blog posts via email, but if you want to receive the aforementioned updates, please add yourself to this list!

Once again, you choose what you do and don’t want to hear about, and I’ll never send you anything you haven’t asked for.  You can update your preferences or opt out at any time.

With that, I end my last blog post that would make a better email.  Thanks for listening!