Accountability Reminders via Text/Email 

Common Sense Fact: If you know someone else will ask if you’ve done something, you’re more likely to do it. 

Thus, it stands to reason that if you want to build a habit, having someone to answer to will strengthen it!

Here’s how it works: You give me a habit and a time and days of the week that you want me to check in to see if you’re doing it.  I text or email you at the appointed time(s).  You reply with a “Yes” or “No.”  The whole exchange takes less than 60 seconds, but makes a huge impact on your productivity by holding you accountable. 

Some examples:

  • “Have you made your schedule today?”
  • “Have you done your Daily Review yet?”
  • “Have you been tracking your time on tasks?”
  • “Did you stick to your schedule last week?”


  • 7 days a week: $50/month
  • 5 days a week (Mon – Fri): $30/month
  • Once a week: $15/month

Email me to get started using the form at the bottom of this page!

ADD Coaching, Personal Organizing, and Consulting

Are you tired of… 

  • losing things in plain sight/hiding things from yourself?
  • forgetting important tasks, like paying your bills or turning in assignments?
  • sifting through clutter to find what you need (and keeping that clutter around “just in case”)?
  • making to-do lists but barely getting anything done?
  • getting “everything in order” only to have it fall apart within a few days or weeks?
  • rushing around?
  • running late?
  • missing appointments?
  • trying all the “usual” organization approaches with little lasting success?

If you have ADD, or any other executive function challenge, traditional approaches to organization (i.e., Day Runners, project planning software, all-in-one closet organizers, ready-made filing systems) just don’t work for you.  Pieces of them may be effective, but they don’t add up to a system.  You need an approach that goes beyond “organization”; you need life management skills, and you need them in a system that works (1) with your way of thinking and (2) across all areas of your life.  I can help you create that system.

Get your life in order on your terms.

Your schedule.  Your budget.  Your stylistic tastes.  Your priorities.  My guidance and expertise.

A good life management system caters to your personal needs; blanket approaches tend not to work.  I have a whole arsenal of tools and tips from which to draw up a system that works for you – because really, what ADDer wants to work for a system?

My approach has 5 objectives:

  1. To give you the life overhaul you want without overwhelming you in the process.
  2. To create a framework that builds on and fine-tunes what’s already working in your life, phases out what’s not working, and creates new, stable structures for the rest.
  3. To help you make sense of your life as it is (not as it “should” be).
  4. To break down your big projects (i.e., decluttering your home of 30 years, planning a move, etc.) into manageable chunks.
  5. To do all of this thoroughly, at a comfortable pace, and with tangible results.

What kinds of services do you offer? 

  •  The Complete Coaching Package (Option I: $350 or Option II: $600)
    Set up a comprehensive life-management system over six weeks.
    Option I: 7 sessions (two in Week 1, one each in weeks 2-6)
    Option II: 12 sessions (two a week).Both cover the same material, but Option II allows us to go more in-depth; I recommend it only for those who truly need to start from scratch on an organization system. In both options, Week One creates the foundation for everything to follow, and is thus covered in two sessions. Streamlining and simplification are the common threads throughout the course.

    Over these 6 weeks, we will cover:

    • scheduling and time management
    • task tracking and management 
    • information organizing
    • “stuff” organizing/decluttering
    • prioritizing
    • reviewing 
    • and, most importantly, how all of these interrelate.
  • Individual Consulting ($50 per hour/$30 per half-hour)
    Have a good grasp of time management, but your files need an overhaul?  Good at organizing your belongings, but can’t keep track of your to-dos?  Schedule a consulting session or two and we’ll make a plan of action to kick-start your progress.
  • Personalized Organization Services (prices vary)
    Got a big project that seems too overwhelming to begin? Need someone to walk you through the process of decluttering your home or reorganizing your workplace? Need an objective party present while you sort through your storage items? You tell me what you need, we work out a schedule and a price.  If you’re in the Tulsa area, I can come to your house/office/workspace and help you physically re-organize.  If you live anywhere else in the world, we can do this via Skype or phone.

I offer a variety of payment arrangements that fit most budgets, so don’t hesitate to ask if you need to work one out.  I know firsthand what it’s like to feel trapped by limited resources, particularly in the current economic climate!

Where do you get your information? 

  • I combine well-researched methods from a variety of disciplines, including special education, neuroscience, psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy, 12-step programs, and others.*  I read a LOT.
  • I use my personal experience.  I have researched and road-tested every aspect of my System so that I can give you reliable, first-hand advice.
  • I ask you about your experience.  I can only help you if I know what you need.  I keep all things honest and expect you to do the same.
  • I provide references and resources.  I have certainly not learned what I know in a vacuum; I am grateful to many sources for the tools I use, and will gladly pass them on to you.

*Note: I am not a licensed practitioner of any of these disciplines.  My services draw from them in personal experience and research, both academic and personal.

How can I be sure your approach will work for me?

We’ll figure that out before either of us invest time or money in the process. Here’s how:

First, you email me and tell me what you want, and I reply and tell you if I think I’m the person to give it to you; if so, we move forward, and if not, I’ll try to direct you to someone else who might be a better match.

Second, if we decide we are a match, we’ll set up a consultation (at the individual consulting rate) in person, via phone, or on Skype, and I’ll draw up a proposal for you based on what we discuss.  You’ll then have the option hiring me to coach you or organize your stuff, or taking my suggestions for your own personal use. 

Fill out this form to get in touch, and I’ll respond within 48 hours.  I look forward to talking with you!


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