Going Pro!

Executive Dysfunctions is now officially ExecutiveDysfunctions.com!  

This is the first of many exciting changes coming in the new year!  For example:

  • Keep an eye out for my new “Services” page, debuting in early January.  I will offer:
    • Life Management Coaching in progressive, multi-session packages and single-session check-ins.
    • FREE 30-minute overview sessions for all subscribers who wish to learn more about my coaching services and get immediate feedback on their particular organizational challenges.
  • A Quick-Start Guide to the Executive Dysfunctions organization system is coming in early 2012.
  • The site will soon have a shiny, new, user-friendly interface thanks to my good friend at ImaginedAtom web designers!

I’ll be back to posting on the practicalities of streamlining for self-empowerment and stress reduction in the near future.  For now, it’s back to the workshop to fine-tune my evil plans!  (Because what good is a plan if it’s not just a teensy bit evil?)

Stay tuned, and enjoy the end of your 2011!


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