Review and Recommendation: The Big Vision Workbook

Last month, I decided to try an organizational tool made and marketed by someone who I respect, Michelle Nickolaisen of Let’s Radiate. The Big Vision Workbook is intended to help users set and focus on their primary goals from “big picture,” monthly, weekly, and daily perspectives. It’s one of those rare organizational tools that works for ADDers (with minor adaptations) even though it’s not specifically intended for us.

I’ve found the Workbook incredibly helpful in the past three weeks I’ve been using it. Michelle’s honest-yet-positive approach to personal inventory makes it easy for me to quickly identify my problem areas while simultaneously honoring and honing in on my strengths. Most impressively, the process is cumulative; the more consistent I am in using these tools (which I’ve combined with pre-existing routines to create über-productivity), the deeper my discoveries at the end of each week and the more effectively I adjust my practices.

Here’s what I’ve learned about myself so far:

  • Week 1:
    • Under pressure, I sacrifice “me stuff” (i.e., appointments with myself, blog work, down time) and self-care first.
  • Week 2:
    • I do best with maintaining routines when they/their reminders are automated.
    • I forget to schedule days off (overachiever/workaholic tendencies).
    • I procrastinate when I am intimidated by a task (i.e., serial blog post).
    • I judge myself too harshly (though I actually did quite well this week).
  • Week 3:
    • Out of sight = out of mind.
    • Work that directly advances my goals helps me to focus on doing other work toward them.
    • The more actively I follow a system, the more automated and intuitive it becomes over time.

This toolbox has been instrumental in helping me to create the momentum and success that has been manifesting in my life over the past couple of weeks. Since I started using it, I’ve accomplished several things for which I’d been “wishing” for quite a while, but which seemed too abstract to attain:

  • I’ve met and begun work with my first client for the the business side of this blog.
  • I’ve made my first $100 as a personal organization/life-management coach.
  • I’ve started writing the e-book that’s been marinating in my brain for months: a quick-start guide to the Executive Dysfunctions system.
  • I’ve begun to develop a cohesive business plan that aligns with my personal values – a service-oriented rather than profit-driven model.

The above items have developed progressively, one coming out of another in a beautifully organic way. This is what happens when I turn my trust and will over to systems that just might work, both in and out of my own creation and control. Michelle’s Big Vision Workbook has given me the opportunity to tie together all of the work, energy, and exercises in faith that I’ve been putting out in the Universe for months and even years – like gathering the strings of so many balloons so I can finally let them lift me up and away.

I highly recommend this toolbox to anyone who feels like they know what they want but can’t seem to figure out how to get it. For pointers on how to adapt Michelle’s approach to the ADD brain, please feel free to email me or leave a comment!


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