Follow-Through and Commitment: Daily Posting in November

In honor of NaNoWriMo, and to hold myself to my commitment to post more regularly as soon as I move, I will be posting every day in the month of November.  I am not, at this point, a novelist, so I’m adopting the idea behind National Novel-Writing Month to put some momentum on this blog.

Some days, the posts will be short (like this one) – a thought on an executive dysfunction, a question to probe deeper evaluation of your own challenges and strengths, etc.  I anticipate this will be the case through Nov. 9, when, at long last, I arrive in Paris!  (This has been the major project that I’ve prioritized over the blog for the past few weeks).  Once I arrive and get settled, I will start hashing out those ideas and tips I’ve been cooking in the back of my multi-track mind during my sojourn (from writing – not from work, by any stretch!).  In any event, this is my Next Step toward my goal of making this blog a full-time gig.

So with that, I ask you:  On what goals will you follow through by doing one little thing a day?


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