An Update on My Recent Inactivity, Plus News You Can Use on ADHD and Sleep

A brief post tonight to let you know that I am still here and this blog is still active.  It just so happens that other areas of my life have been quite active since ending my digital sabbatical on October 9 – so while I resumed Internet use, my habits have been different than before.

Remember that post on Urgency vs. Importance I made recently?  It’s quite relevant to my lack of posting.  My move date for gay Paris, while not yet set in stone, is less than 3 weeks away, and my move-out date from my apartment is October 31.  Thus, my top priorities – both urgent and important – have been sorting, selling, and otherwise paring down my stuff to that bare minimum that will be crossing the Atlantic with me in early November.  This blog – which is important, but not urgent – has therefore gone on the back burner until the immediate projects are finished.

In November, you will begin to see new series of posts detailing the components of the system I have already outlined, the process by which I have gone about simplifying my life (which, among other benefits, tranquilizes my executive dysfunctions), and in-depth looks at the science of AD/HD and how it applies to the lives of those who have it (and those who have to live with us).

For now, I recommend taking a look at this article on the impact of ADHD on sleep, which I received in my inbox from CHADD this evening.  As someone who’s struggled with sleep regulation my entire life, I found it eye-opening, relieving, and full of useful information.  Hopefully you will too.  More on regulating daily life cycles in a future post!

Hope you’re all having a great weekend!




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